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Processes should be analysed in order to increase the productivity, customer satisfaction, efficient use of resources and also identify and define the correlated jobs. The following are the works done during the process analysis and redesign:

  • Identifying the blocks and problems among processes
  • Clarifying the corrolations and impacts of the processes
  • Clarifying the owner of the processes and the roles in the processes steps
  • Providing opportunity to solve the problems within the processes
  • Designing the to-be of the processes
  • Identifying the critical performance indicators of the processes

Gaining competitive advantage, decreasing costs, keeping the clients, increasing profit and quality require efficient and innovative working.

What does KARUNA do?

We analise customer complaints, jobs, financial-sales and marketing-operational-supply chain-support processes and identify the development areas and restructure them in order to increase productivity and competitive advantage.we also develop methods and systematic reporting in order for you to follow the performances of the processes.