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Human Resources

The ability of managing human resources is important factor for companies to reach success.

What does KARUNA do?

  • We implement 'Employee Satisfaction Survey' to measure the satisfaction and loyalty of your employees. According to the results, we offer solutions to increase satisfaction and loyalty.
  • We implement '360° Evaluation Survey'. We evaluate the results and according to the results we offer development solutions.
  • We implement 'Internal Customer Survey' within the company, where departments evaluate each other. We evaluate and make suggestions to increase the efficiency and harmony of your departments.
  • We design your recruitment process.
  • We define competencies of each position which can be used in recruitment and career planning.
  • We compare and structure your wage ranges by job evaluation.
  • We redesign your salary system, bonus and premium systems to increase loyalty and motivation of your employees
  • We develop career plans according to your employee's knowledge, skills, performance and competencies
  • We develop succession planning according to competencies and career plans